Late Winter....snow and more snow

Posted 2/10/2014

Red Rock Mountain SunriseRed Rock Mountain Sunrise

Late winter in Pennsylvania usually brings cold snowy days followed by milder days allowing the snow to melt.  Not this year...snow and cold have been the normal.  Days below zero with snow have made days in the 20's seem almost Spring-like.

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Duck Season is Open

Posted 10/16/2013

 The opening day of the North Zone Duck Season in Pennsylvania was this past Saturday.  I went out along with a few friends to a place on the Susquehanna Rover which we had been scouting out and we knew there were ducks in the area,  Dawn broke to a mostly cloudless sky and lite winds.  The ducks were soon flying and shots could be heard up and down the river.  We as a group, managed to get some good shots in and scored on some nice early season birds.  By 9 a.m. we were packing up and heading to breakfast.  The season is young and there is plenty of time left to go.


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Duck Season Opens

Posted 10/7/2013

Well, this Saturday, October12, the PA Northern Region duck season opens.  Waterfowl hunters will be out in the marshes, lakes and rivers in pursuit of ducks.  Early season should be tougher then usual with higher temps and low water levels throughout most of the state.  Please remember to identify your targets, be aware of LEGAL shooting times and most importantly...have a good SAFE time in the blind.

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Welcome to our redesigned site

Posted 10/2/2013

We have recently redesigned our site to better focus on current activities in the area.  We will be adding photos and info as we enjoy the outdoors in Pennsylvania.

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